Crazy and Zealous

This week alone (within the past 24-48 hours) I have been called crazy and a zealot. Why? Because I believe in someone greater than myself? I am trying to turn a blog into a full-fledged ministry of sorts? I keep having faith when others are circling around saying “no no give up, do it my way”? Well at first I was all “call me whatever you wish, I’m still going to share my love and my faith in God”. Then the human side of me took over and the self-doubt kicked in telling me that those people are right and I truly must be nuts. Then I thought of Noah. Up until Noah started building the ark, he was well-liked and respected. Then God told him “build an ark, take your family and 2 of each kind of animal (male and female) then get on this ark and stay there until I give a sign that it is safe to come off of the ark”. Noah, without hesitating said “ok God, I’ll build an ark”. And of course his neighbors (and probably extended family even) told him he was crazy and this would not happen and to just give up. But Noah prevailed and built the ark and rounded up the animals and went into it as God commanded where they stayed for 40 days and 40 nights. I have been only doing this blog for about 3 weeks now but since I am already getting called “crazy” and a “zealot” I am going to take it as a sign from God that this is in fact the calling God had placed on my heart. Please keep reading and sharing and encouraging and go forth and dare to be a Crazy Zealot ♥

Published by Amanda-Lyn

I reside in the heart of New England with my 2 sons and my husband. My eldest son visits us frequently. When not in the office, I love to sing and to write and more than anything I love God and I follow Him truly truly ♥

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