Blessed, Humbled, Thankful

In this season of Thanks, there are reminders EVERYWHERE to be thankful, so much so, it can seem overwhelming.  I took a step away from the world this morning and focused solely on God.  During that time, a woman reached out to me and she is someone I have known since my days back at Wachusett Valley.  Her kids and I grew up together. And I got to thinking about the many women who played a significant part in my life ((besides Mommy of course)).  There was my Godmother ((she resides with God now)), my Aunt ((my very first best friend in life)), Michelle G. ((my wonderful mother-in law)), Laura H. ((who made sure I was taken care of no matter what)), Carol and Kathy and C. ((Sunday school teachers)), Nancy S., Donna R., Sandi R, and countless other teachers ((it takes a village don’t you know)). I had all these God-fearing women surrounding me and leading me ((or at least trying their best)) towards God.  I am humbled that most of these women are still guiding me and teaching me and encouraging me today…my village only continues to grow daily and for that I am blessed and thankful.

Another humbling moment ((God is breaking me apart and letting my light shine brighter every day)).  I was never vocal about my faith and I thought of all those years wasted being a “couch” Christian.  Happy to believe, comfy in the way I was living, and too lazy to stand up and say, “I am a Christian.” Well, no more.  I believe. I have faith. I am not perfect. I make mistakes. I can be loud, or rude, or mean, or angry, or cry.  God loves me no matter the circumstance and I will walk by faith and not by sight ♥

Published by Amanda-Lyn

I reside in the heart of New England with my 2 sons and my husband. My eldest son visits us frequently. When not in the office, I love to sing and to write and more than anything I love God and I follow Him truly truly ♥

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