In the Quiet

I have been waiting all day for that magic moment when my soul feels like it is on fire and I just have to get to my laptop and start typing like a mad woman.  And today was no different than any other day.  Got up, got the boys up and ready for another day of remote learning ((yay)) then lazed around and then watched Pastor Dan ((seriously…watch him)).  Then got up and did errands ((always fun)) came home, did housework while blasting worship music ((only way to do it)).  Then it dawned on me that maybe today that fiery strike would not happen ((but hey it is still early)).  So for now, I am just going to sit quiet with my worship music and chat with my online friends and we will see if God sends a fire or if I am meant to be quiet and reflect.  One thing I am reflecting on is our growth…with our Facebook page and the blog we now total 36 strong.  If 36 is where we stay, I am content. If we dwindle, I will still praise. If we grow, I will rejoice.  I pray that we continue to grow in faith and walk in love and remember…enjoy the quiet now and then ♥

Published by Amanda-Lyn

I reside in the heart of New England with my 2 sons and my husband. My eldest son visits us frequently. When not in the office, I love to sing and to write and more than anything I love God and I follow Him truly truly ♥

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