There is an acronym for Joy:  Jesus first, Others second, Yourself last.  Remember this and you will have true joy in the Lord.  Loving God equals loving others equals loving yourself.  My life has increased in making time for God, even among the crazy.  Yesterday, I gave you a nugget of my day-to-day life.  For the past two nights, I have taken about a half an hour to pamper…myself (shocking, I know).  I massaged my feet, gave my long, curly hair some TLC, showered, shaved, put on lotion, the whole nine.   

As I focus more on God, I find it easier to love Him more.  By loving Him more, I love my husband more.  Daily, he reminds me of the sweet, shy boy I fell in love with at sixteen.  I love my three boys and find myself praying earnestly for them.  I love my mother fiercely and I understand her a lot more.  I even love my job (though it is only seasonal).  I have prayed and worked so hard for this job and it is such a blessing to finally have the job my family and I sacrificed so much for.  And I love myself more.  For longer than I would care to admit, I hated myself.  

Like so many Christian’s, I backslid and for a long time, I was a “Sunday” Christian.  A “Sunday” Christian is someone who goes to church on Sundays and holidays.  The “good Sunday” Christian’s straddle two worlds and this was me for a long time. 

In one world, you are involved in the church, you are at every service, and you volunteer for every event and vacation Bible school.  In the second world, other things take the focus away from God.  Your spouse, kids, job, house, and so on.  This leads to fear, worry, stress, doubt, pain, the list goes on.  

Stay focused on God, and you will be led to faith, love, joy, peace, patience, the list is endless, just like God’s love is for ANY who believe.  From the lowest to the highest.  Any skin color, any gender, any orientation, God’s love is for all.  Find God’s love and you will find true and lasting joy. 

Published by Amanda-Lyn

I reside in the heart of New England with my 2 sons and my husband. My eldest son visits us frequently. When not in the office, I love to sing and to write and more than anything I love God and I follow Him truly truly ♥

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