Aly Kat Adventures

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Welcome to Aly Kat Adventures!!! This new page on the blog will feature local business owners right here in Woostah!!!!

I am a 37 year veteran of Worcester and have seen this city rise up and change in many ways. The name Aly was given to me by some beloved co-workers who quickly became friends (as servers. you tend to bond quick!!!). Cat was eventually added on because while I’m usually sweet and bubbly, I’m not afraid to show my claws. Why I spell it with a K instead of the C? Because A) traditional is boring and B) the K stands for the woman who gave me life and a passion for words and books before I could walk.

Now, I hope to take my talents to the local watering holes around the city. If you are a local business owner and you want your named splashed all over town (and Facebook too)…send me an e-mail at

**Every business owner gets final approval before post is made**

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