Impossible becomes Possible with Him

Philippians 4:13I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. 2020 was no picnic for anyone.  While the year started off alright, by mid-March COVID hit and everything changed.  Curfews were enforced, schools and businesses were closed, masks were mandated, and many lost their jobs. We also lost a lot of loved ones.  ToContinue reading “Impossible becomes Possible with Him”

Grief: Remembering the Past, Living in the Present, Accepting the New Future.

Mommy loves to tell the story of the day I was born.  As soon as I was all cleaned up and looking beautiful, they handed me to my Daddy.  Of course, I was yelling my fool head off as babies tend to do.  He smiled, patted my rear, and snuggled me close.  Thus, began myContinue reading “Grief: Remembering the Past, Living in the Present, Accepting the New Future.”

Today Our Lord Has Risen(Resurrection Sunday)

Dear Jesus, Your story did not end,After you left this Earth.To pay our ransom to the Devil,To save us from all evil. With a heart that started beating,And breath again back in your lungs.Your body soon went missing.Our Lord once dead has risen. Death could not keep you.Defeated forevermore.Conquering back the Kingdom.Making the Earth God’sContinue reading “Today Our Lord Has Risen(Resurrection Sunday)”