Today Our Lord Has Risen(Resurrection Sunday)

Dear Jesus, Your story did not end,After you left this Earth.To pay our ransom to the Devil,To save us from all evil. With a heart that started beating,And breath again back in your lungs.Your body soon went missing.Our Lord once dead has risen. Death could not keep you.Defeated forevermore.Conquering back the Kingdom.Making the Earth God’sContinue reading “Today Our Lord Has Risen(Resurrection Sunday)”

A Sacrificial Lamb(Good Friday)

A Sacrificial Lamb,Is not at all the picture,The Hebrews did expect,And most could not accept. Sentencing you to death,The man that was just exalted.Finding fault in all you said and did,Contrary to what the law forbid. While fulfilling every Word,Prophesied about you,Even those who knew the Torah,Still put you through the horror. Death by crucifixion,AfterContinue reading “A Sacrificial Lamb(Good Friday)”

Preparing for Your Death(Holy Thursday)

You needed to prepare,Yourself and others for your death.Knowing the hour was near.Fighting back the fear. You ate with those you loved,One last time before you died.Teaching them how to remember,Your sacrifice forever. Take this bread and eat.Take this cup and drink.Your body broken for all of us,Your blood to be spilled out on theContinue reading “Preparing for Your Death(Holy Thursday)”

Blessings, My name is Amanda-Lyn (Aly), and I am the founder of Faith Like Mary Ministry.  I currently reside in Worcester, MA.  My husband and I have 3 boys, and both work full-time jobs.  We are blessed to be surrounded by loved ones.  My prayer is to take Faith Like Mary Ministry from my computerContinue reading